Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy International Women's Day 2012

My latest (completed) redwork piece is this one below. With working full time, taking 3 graduate courses, & being a single parent, I don't have tons of embroidery time. This one may, eventually, be included in my redwork suffrage quilt that I am working on.

I think people who know me well may disagree with this. Not the feminism part...

I like the interjection, but I might make another- Fall 2011

It is a 9.5" unfinished block on bleached cotton muslin. The floss is DNC 666 and is (for me) a bizaar combination of satin stitch, outline stitch, & back stitch. Generally I stick with outline, but letters can give me trouble, so I've been trying back stitch... Now that I think of it, the floss color is odd for my redwork as well. Humph!