Saturday, February 2, 2013

National Embroidery Month

Since February is National Embroidery Month, I have decided that I must embroider every day for the next 28 days... Well, 27 since today is the 2nd. This is a sacrifice I will have to make for the sake of my craft! LOL

My current project is one for my daughter, Fiona. She is a HUGE One Direction fan, Zayn Malik being one of her favorites.

cartoon version of One Direction*
*Not my drawing. My daughter found it on the Internet while searching for 1D iPod cases. This project is for personal use only.

Zayn, Liam, Niall, Louis, Harry
This is the photo I decided on for the next piece of the project. Since I wanted them to look as realistic as possible, I decided to try a free app called SketchGuru for the pattern.

pattern created after SketchGuru
After I printed out the SketchGuru image, I used a Sharpie to outline each member of the band.
used light box and pencil to transfer pattern
Louis and Harry are finished
So far I have 2 of 5 guys finished. I am continuing with the colors my daughter chose. Apparently I am embroidering each member in their favorite color. What do you think?