Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Continuation of the One Direction project

Fiona has chosen the lyrics she wants to grace her One Direction quilt. &, so far, I have 3 completed & 1 in the works. She chose a favorite line sung by each one of the lads & I embroidered them in the same color I embroidered their portraits in.

I took the lyrics & wrote them out on graph paper using the occasional block capital letter & my own handwriting. I had thought of having Fiona write out the lyrics & embroider her handwriting, but after she thought about it, she decided that she didn't want to...

Lyrics graphed out to create patterns

What Makes You Beautiful
Above is one of Harry's lines from the quadruple platinum, Billboard top 4 single, "What Makes You Beautiful." I added a butterfly because, apparently, Harry recently got a butterfly tattoo.

 Zayn sings the bridge in the Ed Sheeran/ Si Hulbert penned song "Moments." Ed Sheeran is the Grammy nominated singer/songwriter of A-Team. I just added hearts & a leaf because leaves fall... &, honestly, I couldn't think of any other images.

Kiss You
 "Kiss You" is a playful song with a fun music video I have included below. Niall sings this amusing line. I added a guitar because Niall plays...

Over Again
I am currently working on Liam's line in another song penned by Ed Sheeran (along with Robert Conlon & Alexander Gowers) called "Over Again." I am adding an embroidered outline of Fiona's hand to this block.

*"Kiss You" video is not my property (One Direction, Syco, Sony).  I have used it here for your entertainment only. Please visit One Direction's You Tube page for more videos (There are a lot.)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

One Direction project for Fiona

While finishing up my Master's degree, I am also attempting my 1st quilt for my daughter. Fiona will be 12 soon & I would like to complete this project in time for her birthday. I have already shared some of the embroidery for this project... so I thought I would share some more.

Niall Horan is the only member of One Direction from Ireland. Fiona chose green as his color. Niall plays the guitar, so I chose an image of him playing.

Niall of One Direction playing guitar

 Again, I used the Sketch Guru app to help create my pattern. I am trying to get the best possible image for the creation of the pattern because I want the lads to look as real as possible. Light box & HB2 pencil were at my side to help transfer the pattern on to the fabric.

Let the embroidery begin.
 In case you are wondering, I am using DMC floss #904 for Niall. The fabric I am stitching on is a 200 thread count 50-50 Bamboo-Cotton blend. It is pleasant to work with and a little softer than Kona cotton.

Niall's guitar came out nice.

Borrowed mom's quilting tools to cut my fabric.
Stay tuned for more about this exciting project. I may actually put it all together myself.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Hope everyone had a great National Embroidery Month. I fell way behind due to life (& death), but am ready to start March with a bang.

While I continue to work on my daughter's One Direction quilt, I will share a few previous projects!

The Bonnet
This particular piece was for  local fundraiser. Everyone who participated decorated a window, then the windows were auctioned off. The pattern for this lovely lady in her floral bonnet came from the book Ladies of Leisure.

I traced out the pattern on to white cotton, crayon tinted it, then broke out the embroidery floss. I just rediscovered this photograph & figured I would share it. I think it is beautiful.

Ellen Hardin Walworth House Saratoga Springs, NY- razed
 This is another project that I created as part of a fundraiser. Our local DAR chapter (Saratoga) was holding a fundraiser & my mother & I created this pillow to help. Using a photograph of Daughters of the American Revolution founding member Ellen Hardin Walworth's home in Saratoga Springs, NY I was able to create this redwork facade. My mother put the pillow together.

The house was razed in the 1960s. There is currently a gas station/convenient store on Broadway where the house used to stand. The 3rd floor of the Saratoga Springs History Museum is an approximate replica of the rooms in the Walworth House.

back of Walworth House pillow
For more information on Ellen Hardin Walworth, check out Saratoga Sojourn: A Biography of Ellen Hardin Walworth by Allison Bennett & Fall of the House of Walworth by Geoffrey O'Brien.