Tuesday, March 12, 2013

One Direction project for Fiona

While finishing up my Master's degree, I am also attempting my 1st quilt for my daughter. Fiona will be 12 soon & I would like to complete this project in time for her birthday. I have already shared some of the embroidery for this project... so I thought I would share some more.

Niall Horan is the only member of One Direction from Ireland. Fiona chose green as his color. Niall plays the guitar, so I chose an image of him playing.

Niall of One Direction playing guitar

 Again, I used the Sketch Guru app to help create my pattern. I am trying to get the best possible image for the creation of the pattern because I want the lads to look as real as possible. Light box & HB2 pencil were at my side to help transfer the pattern on to the fabric.

Let the embroidery begin.
 In case you are wondering, I am using DMC floss #904 for Niall. The fabric I am stitching on is a 200 thread count 50-50 Bamboo-Cotton blend. It is pleasant to work with and a little softer than Kona cotton.

Niall's guitar came out nice.

Borrowed mom's quilting tools to cut my fabric.
Stay tuned for more about this exciting project. I may actually put it all together myself.

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