Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Redwork Tree Skirt Part 5: The Final Reveal

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Redwork Tree Skirt Part Four

The Redwork Tree Skirt project if finally complete. My mom put the whole thing together & even made for accessories for my little sistar's house. So, grab some egg nog & a gingerbread man...

Heather drew eight designs for her tree skirt

Embroidering on route to Thanksgiving in New Orleans 2013

Double acorn completed in redwork

Birds completed in redwork with turquoise accents

Mom completed the tree skirt 

Heather's tree with the skirt underneath

Another view of Heather's tree

Mom made a table runner & mug rug out of leftover fabric

Miniature stocking Mom made out of leftover fabric grace Heather's mantle

All lit up for Christmas with the completed tree skirt beneath

It is so gratifying to see a project completed, appreciated, & on display. What a great family project.

Happy Holidays & Happy Stitching!