Friday, August 16, 2013

Procrastination Station: Doctor Who, Part Deux

I can't really say I have a favorite Doctor. I watched Doctor Who sporadically when I was about 6 or 8 at my grandmother's house. We couldn't get cable (living outside of a village), so Doctor Who was probably on WMHT, channel 17, our local PBS station. For some reason PBS & WXXA, channel 23 (now the local Fox station) didn't come in well at our house, so my little sistar & I would walk the 100 yards or so to Nanny's & watch the original Star Trek, the Twilight Zone, Doctor Who, or any old movies Nanny was watching. (I particularly love musicals, especially Astaire & Rogers.) Usually we would get some Jell-O cake, Nanny's amazing oatmeal cake (YUM), or some of the almond windmill cookies Gramp got in his metal lunchbox everyday.

The First Doctor designed by Aalia Zaman

The Second Doctor designed by Jennifer Ofenstein

The Third Doctor designed by Aalia Zaman

This is a very long-winded way of saying that Tom Baker, the Fourth Doctor, is really the only Doctor I have really known. (Feel free to groan...) Tom Baker is who came to mind when my intelligent & somewhat geeky friends started going on-and-on about the show around the time of the Ninth Doctor. Then David Tennant appeared as the Tenth Doctor & I was still thinking of the guy with the scarf & the fuzzy afro...

The Fourth Doctor designed by Kim Kuehn

I still have not watched any of the new episodes. My daughter does not seem interested. But... embroidering these Doctor Who designs has been a ton of fun. I'm sure one of my fan-girl (or fan-boy) friends will enjoy whatever kind of gift comes out of this stitch-a-long.

I haven't started the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith). & they just announced the Twelfth Doctor, but we will have to wait for Christmas for that...

Thank you Fandom In Stitches for the DWSAL. I will be back!