Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Little Mix project- Jade, Leigh-Anne, Jesy

So I have completed the embroidery portion of the Little Mix project for my daughter. I think they came out just as good, if not better than the One Direction portraits. Now to make them into something. I was originally thinking 4 pillows, but now I am thinking 2 with 2 members on each, or 1 giant pillow. Hmmm...

Well, while I remain indecisive, check them out below!

Fiona chose for Jade Thirlwall to be embroidered in blue, because Jade is her fave, just like Louis is her fave in 1D (I embroidered Louis in blue too. Remember?) Blue is not her favorite color, she just wanted Jade & Louis to match.

Jade before embroidery

Jade after embroidery

Next up: Leigh-Anne Pinnock is embroidered in the same green as Niall of 1D. Leigh-Anne didn't take as long to embroider because of her straight ponytail in the image below.

Leigh-Anne before embroidery

Leigh-Anne after embroidery
The 3rd & oldest member of Little Mix: Jesy Nelson is embroidered in orange just like Harry. The pillow(s) will match the One Direction quilt, using the same fabrics & colors.

Jesy before embroidery

Gathering supplies. Let embroidery commence.

The underside of embroidery

Jesy after embroidery

The 4th member of Little Mix I blogged about a couple of weeks ago: Perrie Edwards. Let me know what you think of my embroidered portraits. Check out my flickr. "Like" me on Facebook. Follow me on twitter: @aprilsongstress

Now on to my next project!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Current project- Town of Greenwich, NY

The annual Whipple City Days festival is occurring next weekend & mom & I signed up to do the craft fair. Well, mom signed up & is taking some of my stuff because, as duly appointed public historian for the beautiful Town of Greenwich, I will have a booth of my own.

I decided to work on some different kind of projects in the hopes of making a sale (it's been a while).

Town of Greenwich design traced out on tea towel

This particular pattern I created myself for a quilt project by a professional organization I belong to, Association of Public Historians of New York State (APHNYS). I blogged about it before in my Greenwich History blog. Check out that post here. I just "googled it" & found an image of the quilt with my 2 blocks included!

Embroidering Susan B. Anthony in Redwork
 Since the tea towel has red stripes, I chose to do Redwork, which is my embroidery of choice. Susan B. Anthony (displayed in progress above) & her family lived in Battenville & Center Falls. Susan even taught school in the area. As a Quaker, she was active in the Temperance Movement before devoting her life to the passage of a national suffrage amendment.

The image of Chester Alan Arthur (21st president) came from the book Presidential Redwork: A Stitch in Time by Michael Buckingham. Arthur lived in Greenwich while his father William was pastor of the local Baptist church.

Finished tea towel in Redwork

Below is the finished tea towel. I think I will do this pattern again in green & place it in a hoop for wall art.

If you are out-&-about in Upstate NY next weekend (6/14 & 6/15) my mom (Just-A-Duck) & I will be there on Saturday, 6/15 from 9:00-6:00 p.m. For more on Whipple City Days click here.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Little Mix project- Perrie

My daughter's other favorite band is Little Mix. I am in the process of embroidering the 4 young women in the same manner as the 5 young men from One Direction.

I began embroidering Perrie Edwards at JFK Airport waiting for our flight to London last week. Between the 2 flights & 2 nights watching British TV, I was able to finish.

Perrie with dip-dyed hair and pic through Sketch Guru

Pattern of Perrie created

Traced on fabric

Perrie is being embroidered using DMC floss # 321 just like her boyfriend Zayn.

Redwork begun while waiting at the airport

I started out using a dental floss container to cut my floss. (What a pain.) I quickly switched when my clever mother suggested I try the nail clippers. So much easier to use! (Though I kept dropping it & mom suggested she tie it around my neck.) I just wish I could take scissors.

Finished redwork of Perrie

I haven't started on the other 3. I think I will work on Jade next.