Sunday, June 2, 2013

Little Mix project- Perrie

My daughter's other favorite band is Little Mix. I am in the process of embroidering the 4 young women in the same manner as the 5 young men from One Direction.

I began embroidering Perrie Edwards at JFK Airport waiting for our flight to London last week. Between the 2 flights & 2 nights watching British TV, I was able to finish.

Perrie with dip-dyed hair and pic through Sketch Guru

Pattern of Perrie created

Traced on fabric

Perrie is being embroidered using DMC floss # 321 just like her boyfriend Zayn.

Redwork begun while waiting at the airport

I started out using a dental floss container to cut my floss. (What a pain.) I quickly switched when my clever mother suggested I try the nail clippers. So much easier to use! (Though I kept dropping it & mom suggested she tie it around my neck.) I just wish I could take scissors.

Finished redwork of Perrie

I haven't started on the other 3. I think I will work on Jade next.

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