Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Redwork Tree Skirt- Part 1

Most of the items I am currently working on are for gifts, so I can't share them yet. However, this particular custom redwork project was designed by my little sistar, so I can start posting the process.

Heather was (& is) the kind of kid that would go sneaking through the house looking for the Christmas presents that mom would wrap & hide throughout the house. One year she found the coveted Cabbage Patch dolls & had the nerve to hint that what she really wanted was a bald boy doll with a tooth. So mom had to brave the stores again to replace the blond, blue-eyed girl doll with the requisite bald boy.

She also loved to guess her gifts before opening. This was not a problem on her birthday, but at Christmas it was annoying. This was because we are very close in age & mom would buy us the same things but in different colors. So, I had to watch what she was doing so I could open the same gift at the same time (pink & purple hairdryers, Walkmans, dolls).

Anyway... Heather drew the redwork patterns out for me & I am just trying to get them done in time. Here goes...

Original drawing by Heather Dolton- Acorns
 Above is one of Heather's original drawings for her new tree skirt. She then had to scan the drawings & send them to me via email because she lives in Las Vegas & I'm back home in Upstate NY.

After adjusting the size of the drawings, I was able to create the patterns. Below I am tracing the pattern out on cotton muslin using a #2 pencil.

Using pencil to trace the pattern

First stitch
 I started stitching on the long trip to New Orleans to see my brother & his family over Thanksgiving. I got quite a bit done: 2 whole panels (out of 8). I could have done more but the highway in Alabama was so bumpy that I couldn't embroider without poking myself & bleeding all over the fabric.

Finished first panel

Second panel is started- bird

Heather chose DMC floss #321, which is a typical redwork color that I always have on hand.

Tools of the trade

Starting panel 3- pine cones

I've gotten a bit farther on panel 3. I should finish it today. Some of the other panels are not as complex, so they should go a little faster... I'll keep you posted on my progress.

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