Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Little Mix project- Jade, Leigh-Anne, Jesy

So I have completed the embroidery portion of the Little Mix project for my daughter. I think they came out just as good, if not better than the One Direction portraits. Now to make them into something. I was originally thinking 4 pillows, but now I am thinking 2 with 2 members on each, or 1 giant pillow. Hmmm...

Well, while I remain indecisive, check them out below!

Fiona chose for Jade Thirlwall to be embroidered in blue, because Jade is her fave, just like Louis is her fave in 1D (I embroidered Louis in blue too. Remember?) Blue is not her favorite color, she just wanted Jade & Louis to match.

Jade before embroidery

Jade after embroidery

Next up: Leigh-Anne Pinnock is embroidered in the same green as Niall of 1D. Leigh-Anne didn't take as long to embroider because of her straight ponytail in the image below.

Leigh-Anne before embroidery

Leigh-Anne after embroidery
The 3rd & oldest member of Little Mix: Jesy Nelson is embroidered in orange just like Harry. The pillow(s) will match the One Direction quilt, using the same fabrics & colors.

Jesy before embroidery

Gathering supplies. Let embroidery commence.

The underside of embroidery

Jesy after embroidery

The 4th member of Little Mix I blogged about a couple of weeks ago: Perrie Edwards. Let me know what you think of my embroidered portraits. Check out my flickr. "Like" me on Facebook. Follow me on twitter: @aprilsongstress

Now on to my next project!

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