Monday, July 1, 2013

Kira's Drawing Embroidered

My friend Jane gave birth to her daughter Kira the year before I had Fiona. Kira is definitely an individual who knows her own mind & will not be swayed by trends & fads. She loves rocks & has a fabulous collection, only part of which is on display at her local public library for the summer! Someone (I don't recall who) gave her a block of salt for Christmas & she LOVED it.

One day, I was at their house & I noticed the cliche "drawing on the fridge." By this time I had begun embroidering Fiona's drawings, so I asked Jane if I could copy Kira's & embroider it for her. Kira's favorite color was red which made it perfect!

Kira's original drawing

Above you can see the original drawing of an 8-legged alien drawn by Kira Weston & you can even see her hand-printed name at the top of the page!

Final pillow before it was wrapped & given
Here you can see the final product. The alien is rendered in redwork & I even capture Kira's handwriting, adding it to the bottom like a painter's signature.

Happily, I noticed it in a chair in their living room the other day. It is not as pristine as in the photo above, but that means it is well loved.

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