Friday, September 28, 2012

Gram's embroidery

My mother's mother passed away 7 years ago. This past summer, while going through her things, my mother came across a number of Gram's old craft projects. She went through them & decided on one each for all of us. Mine is a counted cross stitched & embroidered children's prayer.

cross stitch by Jacqueline Martin
For my birthday, my Mom brought the cross stitch to KC Framing & Fabrics in Saratoga Springs, NY. Kelly did a great job with the matting & framing!

close-up of older girl and baby

I am rather partial to the older girl with the brown braids. I wore braids & ponytails quite a bit as a kid. She reminds me of myself, but she also looks like my big sistar, Emily. The little blond baby reminds me of my little sistar, Heather.

close-up of older boy and younger girl

 This little girl could be me, the middle sistar. The boy could be my older brother, Sean, if his hair were brown.

close-up of younger boy

There are only 4 of us, so this little boy is extra. He's cute though.

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