Saturday, September 8, 2012

redwork tea cozy & table quilt

Mom & I have been working like crazy these past few weeks. Craft fair two weeks ago, one today, a couple in October & one in November before she & Dad head to Vegas for Thanksgiving with my little sistar!

I will be updating my Etsy Shop tomorrow with anything that doesn't sell today (Kulak's on Route 146 in Rexford, NY if anyone is out & about).

tea cozy & table quilt in redwork
The teapots on the table quilt in the image above were adapted from a disposable, paper napkin. I scanned napkin, then increased the size of each teapot to fit on my pre-cut 12"x12" cotton muslin square. Outline stitch in red... then get my mom to put the squares into a quilt. (I have to learn to sew one of these days!) The tea cozy is a different pattern that I did not design or adapt, but they look great together!

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