Saturday, January 26, 2013

Xmas present for Big Sistar

My big sistar is a very talented mural artist living on the West Coast with her family. A few years ago they sold their home & bought a... wait for it... Cape Cod style house! & because that's how my big sistar rolls, she decided to make the master bedroom red, white & blue.

After seeing my "We Can Do It!" poster pillow, she dropped a none-to-subtle hint (because subtlety does NOT run in our family) that something similar would be a welcome addition to her boudoir. I've done this pillow twice, so I was trying to think of something else, when I decided on Uncle Sam & Columbia!

Uncle Sam has a connection to the area of Upstate NY we grew up in, so I thought that would be an added bonus.

I Want You Uncle Sam

Columbia is the female personification of the USA that was especially popular in the 19th century.

My big sistar has a quirky sense of humor so I thought I would kind of play around with the "I Want You" poster & the outstretched arms of Columbia.

Columbia is welcoming

I stitched it on a flour sack towel. All my mom did was sew up the sides inside the red stripes, put a pillow form in the bottom & sew up the bottom. Now that I have taken my 1st sewing lesson & made a more complicated pillow, I don't think Mom is going to help me with something like this anymore!

Embroidery layout on flour sack towel

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