Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Best Friend's Wedding... Well, Engagement

Well, my best friend is getting married for the 2nd time this June, now that marriage equality has been achieved here in NY. Unfortunately, the 1st time around (with a man) didn't last as long as she expected... but she has found a wonderful woman to share her life with.

For Christmas 2012, I decided to make an embroidered portrait using one of their engagement photographs as a basis. It came out great, if I do say so myself. Did I give it to my best friend? No, I did not. We have been friends for over 20 years (I can't believe I am old enough to say that!) & is very easy to buy for. I gave the portrait to her fiance!

I started out printing out the image in the size I wanted the finished portrait to be. Using a regular marker, I traced the image to come up with the pattern.

Sandy and Kathleen's engagement picture

I flipped the paper over & created a reverse image pattern & used that for the project.
reverse image embroidery pattern

I try to keep the back of my embroidery neat so that stray treads don't show through the white bamboo/cotton fabric. I used a DMC dark blue floss, because my best friend's favorite color is blue. I should ask her fiance what her favorite color is!

back of the piece showing my stitches

The completed portrait is simple and lovely. I placed it in a simple white frame so that the embroidery is the focus.

finished embroidered portrait


  1. It is fantastic! I have it on my desk at work and just about everyone in the newsroom has stopped by to admire it and ask who did it and how. I'll direct them to this post now! :)
    Thank you so, so, so much for your thoughtful gift!

  2. I find the work you do utterly amazing! I'm sure you find knitting as knitting as foreign as I do embroidery... Oooh your mom should quilt something that includes your embroidery and then i could knit a lace edging! lol anyway point is i adore this (when i get to see it!) and Kathleen's favorite color is red! :)

  3. I'm just so glad you both love it so much. After all, that is the whole point!


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