Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Procrastination Station: Doctor Who

While I sat contemplating tracing out my next large project (tracing is the most tedious part of the whole embroidery project), I came across another project. So, because I am a master procrastinator, I decided to work on that project instead. Cue tedious tracing of 11 patterns...

Why 11, you may ask. Sounds like an odd number of patterns for a project. (Pun intended BTW.) I will tell you. They are Doctor Who patterns. All 11 Doctors as drawn by a few awesome embroiderers. The link to my flickr set is here.

So far I completed 6 of 11. Not bad since the Doctor Who Stitch-a-long started more than 2 months ago. & I just heard about it.

10th Doctor as played by David Tenant
Doctors 10 & 6 were designed by Jennifer Ofenstein.

9th Doctor

The 9th Doctor was designed by Aalia Zaman.

8th Doctor
The 8th Doctor was designed by Jordan Frederick.

7th Doctor
Doctors 5 & 7 were designed by Kristel Carnahan.

6th Doctor
Now, I am not a huge Doctor Who fan, but I have many friends who are, so I thought this would be a fun way to show off my embroidery to them & procrastinate at the same time. Ha!  For more information on this & to get the patterns... check out Fandom In Stitches!

5th Doctor
 More to come as I finish this up. Then I will have to commit myself fully to what I am avoiding.

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