Saturday, November 23, 2013

1D Day - One Direction Embroidery Project- Harry

In honor of 1DDay, & the fact that the gift has been given... It is time for another One Direction Embroidery Project!

After I posted pics & shared my blog posts about the One Direction Quilt Project for my daughter (nearly complete, thank you for asking), I got a custom order from a friend for her daughter.

My daughter chose the pic I used of Harry. After I created the embroidery pattern & transferred the design to fabric, I got to work. the most time-consuming part is embroidering Harry's locks. But I find embroidering hair much more enjoyable than embroidering letters. I added a hot pink embroidered signature to give it a punch of color. I chose a lime green zebra print to compliment the lime green floss.

& the best part? K. loves it!


  1. You do such lovely embroidery work and it's very creative too.

  2. Very cool pillow! When my daughter was about 12, I made her and a girlfriend Hanson pillows! What a great memory!!!

    1. Awesome! My daughter is 12... I just saw Hanson a few months back on Cupcake Wars. They were gearing up to support their new album.


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