Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Now that gifts have been handed out...

I can share some of the things I have been working on this holiday season! 1st up... Owl tea cozy for my friend Julie.

Julie is an adjunct English professor & she seemed very envious when my daughter, mother & I went on a trip to Massachusetts to see the mills at Lowell, the Minute Man at Lexington & Concord, the Wayside house museum, &, specifically, Orchard House in Concord. So, we decided that she & I would take a trip & see Orchard House & bash about Concord. We had a lovely tour of Louisa May Alcott's home, browsed through the Concord Museum, & bashed about the small village of Concord. In one shop, Julie found some adorable cookie cutters that screamed "buy me," & so she did. The owl tea cozy that caught her eye gave me an idea for the Christmas gift I will discuss here.

Fabric, embroidery floss, patterns ready to go
I found this adorable owl fabric at Joann Fabrics one day this fall while I was out shopping with my mom. I thought it would be perfect for the tea cozy, so I bough enough to complete 3 potential projects. Then I chose 3 of the owls & made embroidery patterns based on the designs on the fabric. I made them larger on a copier.

In process of embroidering the owl in orange
Julie and her tea cozy
My daughter decided that Julie should get the orange owl. The other two, one redwork, the other embroidered in turquoise, were made in to mug rugs!

Redwork owl is being stitched up

Completed redwork mug rug prior to washing

Having tea while embroidering with turquoise floss

Finished turquoise mug rug
I've created embroidery designs from the fabric I am using many times. For more on that click here.


  1. Such cute owl embroideries Tisha. I have done Redwork too, but it was NOT simple. LOL. You and I obviously don't shop in the same shop!

    1. Well, it is simple, just not easy. Like for me, knitting is a simple concept, but it is definitely not easy for me. Embroidery comes more naturally to me I guess. Plus, I can't do french knots, so even I have problems with redwork. LOL

  2. Adorable!!! Love all of your redwork! Am currently reading backward through your blog! I love to embroider as well. Thanks for the lovely blog you have here!

    1. You are most welcome Julie! Just an aside, is you name actually Julie (& not Julia)? My friend Julie in this post gets called Julia all the time, but her name is Julie.

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