Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday Alice!

My SIL & brother's first grandchild (well, only) turned 1 this week. They came up from New Orleans to celebrate that along with Father's Day, & my dad's 68th birthday.

I decided to embroider an adorable picture of Alice that her mother posted on Facebook. I copied the photo in black & white & then traced right on the copy. I did a mirror image & photocopied it at 150% to make the pattern larger.

Picture of Alice & the pattern I made

Let the embroidery begin
I decided to use purple  because it is one of my SIL's favorite colors! Below you can see the embroidered portrait compared to the original pic.

Picture vs. embroidered portrait
My mom made the embroidered portrait into a 11"x12"  pillow sham! I love it & so does my SIL.

Embroidered portrait of Alice Eating a Lollipop, 10 months

Happy Stitching!


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