Sunday, October 19, 2014

La Catrina por tercera vez (for the 3rd time)

I love this embroidery pattern so much, I did it again.

La Catrina in progress

La Catrina completed

Now what to do with her. The first was on a pair of jeans for charity. The 2nd was on a shirt for me. I could make another pillow. I could confine her to hoop art. But I want to do something different. I guess I'm still searching for my niche in the embroidered portrait world.

Me as La Catrina- Halloween costume 2014

 Happy Stitching,


  1. Very cool! Love your makeup!!!

    1. Thanks. It came out different than I saw in my head, but better than my Halloween makeup usually turns out.

  2. Great job on that embroidery piece! It is very interesting and unique, as is your face paint.


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